Software Modeling and Technical Debt

Over the last decade the technical debt metaphor has gained in popularity, and many tools exist today that can calculate the debt associated with a miscellany of source code, yet no corpus of studies have investigated the effects that model refactoring has on technical debt of resulting source code generated from models.

The research question I am investigating is:
What is the influence of Model Smells on the technical debt of generated source code?

My laboratory, in collaboration with the University of Concepción in Chile have made good progress in understanding the link between models and source code technical debt. We have found some literature, but not much relevant information is available on this topic.

In order to move forward we need to understand if model smell removal produces code that has less technical debt. At the same time, we improve models with a different objective function in mind (i.e., readability, understandability and visualization).

In order to make progress in the modeling community when transforming models into code, do we need to be technical debt aware?