A Concept Map for TD Decision Making

In a recent study (Siebra et al., 2016 we hope), we (co-authors include Fabio Silva who will also be joining us in Dagstuhl) developed a concept map (or a conceptual model) of the elements we found to be important to evaluate during TD decision making. The concept map was derived using grounded theory from an in-depth case study of one TD item, its evolution, and the series of decisions that were made about it. The concept map was then used, retrospectively, to analyze several other TD decision-making cases to see if the map captured all relevant factors, and might be useful as a tool for TD decision-making. We found the model to be complete, at least for the cases we tried. The concept map is shown here in two parts (because the concept of Cost ended up being a bit more complicated and needed to be elaborated further. There’s a good bit of overlap with Philippe’s conceptual model that he posted earlier. Coming to a consensus on a conceptual map (or maybe several, we’ll see) is one goal of the workshop.
concept map