Sustainability Debts The recent manifesto…

Sustainability Debts

The recent manifesto for sustainable design has identified a number of dimensions that can directly or indirectly influence the sustainability and longevity of a software. Roughly speaking, these dimensions can relate to the individual, society, economics, environment and technical.

It can be argued that a sustainable software shall deliver and sustain its value across these dimensions – while the system is in operation and as it evolves. The presence of debt on any of these dimensions is a threat on sustainability and may call for phasing out the software.

Research Questions:
How does the concept of debt and interest on the debt relate to the sustainability dimensions?
How can we predict, quantify and visualize the debt across these dimensions?
How can we manage the debt across these dimensions: negotiate and reconcile the conflicting objectives?

Closely Related Effort:
B. Ojameruaye and R. Bahsoon(2015). Sustainability Debt: An Economics driven approach for Using Technical Debt Analysis in Decision Making for Sustainable Requirements. CSR-15-03 Technical Report. School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK (under submission – ICSE Software Engineering for Society).