How to structure your blog contributions?

This blog is for the preparation of the Dagstuhl seminar on Technical debt. To contribute to the blog, you will need to have a WordPress login (You do not need to create a new one, if you have one), and communicate to the admin of the site (Philippe Kruchten) the email address associated to your WordPress ID.

We will use this blog to collect contributions of the workshop participants and share any relevant background material. We hope a blog will help us all to share relevant information easier, provide a repository while allowing for better collaboration and exchange of ideas while we all prepare for the workshop. All workshop participants are asked to prepare one or more narratives (outlining an idea, an experience, a question, a challenge, or an insight) and post them here as blog entries. Workshop participants will be able to see the contributors as well as discuss the submissions using the WordPress blog discussion features. Please structure your blog pots to address the following questions:

What is a key practical challenge, research question, insight, experience, or idea that requires collective attention by the managing technical debt community?
Please focus each blog entry around one idea. If you see multiple key challenges/research questions you can submit multiple entries. The workshop organizers will go over all the entries and organize them around key themes in preparation for the workshop.

Have you done any work to address the question?
This is intended to be a short summary, with possibly pointers to relevant resources.

Have others done any relevant work to address the question?
This is intended to be a short summary, with possibly pointers to relevant resources.

What needs to be done to make progress? How do we define success and completion ?
This will help us get feedback from each other to focus on most relevant aspects as well as define a roadmap.

Please keep in mind that these blog posts are not intended to be research papers, but a lean way of sharing ideas among about 30 people. The blog is private, open to workshop participants only, at least until the completion of the workshop. All participants will be able to contribute and edit their own contributions and provide comments and discussion on all of the posts. Do not exceed 1000 words. Remember if needed you can provide pointers to relevant reading material, but try to be selective. The blogs are also not intended to be literature reviews. There are already several good literature reviews published.

And most importantly, let us have fun with it!